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Thinking about something as absurd such as how to secure a hotel room door with a hanger can be rather comical. However, once you put this absurdity aside and logically think about it, the idea is impressive, primarily when it works.

Who knew hangers were this strong? This trick is a pretty nifty makeshift protection if you travel to a state or country with a higher chance of break-ins. Even though this neat hack is relatively handy, it isn’t foolproof and should not replace the security measures the hotel provides.

It is generally more acceptable to rely on the existing security features that the hotels provide since they are designed to secure the room more effectively. However, some people consider using a hanger as a makeshift, temporary solution when they feel the security measures provided to them are insufficient.

According to most individuals, the knowledge behind this method is an additional barrier to protection. This method helps most people believe that an extra barricade can prevent unauthorized entries. Hence, they learn how to secure a hotel room door with a hanger. The thought keeps them satiated.

On the contrary, engaging the built-in locking mechanism might not be enough, and any additional security can be valuable.

Steps to Make a Latch Using a Hanger

Every hotel room has a handful of hangers placed inside the wardrobe for you to use. To be prepared for a just-in-case scenario, this is how to secure a hotel room door with a hanger effectively:


First thing first, for precautions, you need to make sure whether the door has some scratches around the keyhole or the lock area that may indicate an attempt was previously made.

If the lock appears worn out or there are pry marks around the lock and key, then it’s better to request the hotel staff to provide you with a different room. Check that one as well, since it’s better safe than sorry. It’s the little things that will end up saving your life.

Types of Hangers

Moving on, when choosing a hanger for this method, ensure the hanger you use is solid and firm. A wire hanger or a hanger made out of plastic can work best for this purpose since it won’t break easily but are malleable enough to stretch.

Turn Hanger into A Latch

1. Unwind the hanger from the neck where the hook is attached. Straighten the hanger as much as you can, keeping the hook intact. The curved hook of the hanger should be near the bottom of the door handle. This will work as a long, thin metal piece that keeps the door shut.

2. Place the hanger so that one end is passed through the space between the door and the frame where the latch is located. Move the hanger in a manner that the hook of the hanger faces towards the inside of the room.

3. Use the hook to reach the latch inside the door. Gently and carefully pull the hanger towards yourself, and once you have hooked the latch, you’re done.

4. Try to push the door or handle to check if the hanger securely holds the latch and is in place to ensure this trick has worked. If done correctly, the door should not open when the pressure is applied. And that is how you can secure a hotel room door.

Preferred Option

Although this method is helpful and can offer some level of deterrence when coming up with ways to secure a hotel room door with a hanger, it is crucial to understand that this method is not infallible and should not be trusted. Furthermore, it may only work in some hotel rooms as well. Different hotels have different types of room doors, and additionally, this method may cause damage to the door or the latch.

This may result in penalties and charges from the management. Therefore, it is better and advisable to rely on the hotel’s existing security measures, such as the deadbolts and chain locks, no matter how successful the makeshift latch is.

Reasons Why People Should Not Use This Method

There are several reasons why learning how to secure a hotel room with a hanger is not a suitable method.

1. Some hotel rooms do not have latches systems on their door and are designed to resist manipulation, making using a hanger or similar objects difficult.

2. This method provides a false sense of security. If this method is successfully used, then there is no doubt this will only last for a while. A strong jerk or a tug could easily break this defense.

3. Property damage can indeed put a dent in the bank through penalties and fines.

Enhancing the Security of the Hotel Room

Instead of searching and learning quick, easy, different ways to secure a hotel room door with a hanger, it is better to:

1. Use the security measures the hotel has already provided, such as chain locks and deadbolts.

2. Most of the hotel rooms have safes installed inside the wardrobe or other places. Instead of going through a extensive process of securing the room, place your valuables in the safe with a unique pin code.

3. The most effective way is to voice your concern about the security issues to the hotel staff. They will listen and will do anything to assure you so that you can have a comfortable stay.


You can never be too careful when staying inside a room other than your home, especially at night. It’s better to utilize the available hotel security to make your room much safer.

People plan vacations to relax their minds, and it’s only fair that they deserve a worry-free trip they can enjoy to the fullest. Knowing how to secure a hotel room door with a hanger gives you peace of mind without spending money.

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